Monday, April 22, 2013

Pausing to Write

My excuses for not blogging will be the envy of many:  I’ve been too busy birding, hiking, traveling, and (not often enough) working on field photography and Photoshop development.

I spent this past Friday at High Island.  Birders need little additional info:  a north wind, cool temperatures and migrants a plenty.  I took 10GB of photos.  I am still developing 10GB of photos.

And so I decided to pause and write what you already know:  I love to bird.  I love walking a wood or field with binoculars around my neck. 

Not often enough I attempt discipline with camera around my neck-- but it is oh so hard not to “focus” on the binocular view.  The discipline of carrying and shooting the camera always rewards.  The photos tell the stories I can never write.  The photos catch my beloved Aves beauties doing what they do best:  fully living each day as only they know how.

It is HARD to shoot good photographs at High Island.  This Painted Bunting shows you why (as it watches the watchers):


It is surprising to bird at High Island. This Black-throated Green Warbler shows you why (as it suddenly pops out from Mother Nature’s green blanket):

And after a long day in the field, carrying pack, binoculars and camera, it is good to take a long yoga stretch and bask in the beauty of a day in the field.  This Black-throated Green Warbler shows you how: