Monday, March 31, 2014

BBSP: The Spring Watercolors

I had opportunity this past week to visit the John Singer Sargent watercolor exhibition at the Houston Museum of Fine Art.  His watercolor work is lovely and inspiring.

And the day after, I was drawn to Mother Nature’s spring canvas at BBSP. I noted that She is quite extravagant with the yellow and green pallets of color, as if dressing the park for Easter.

Sometimes the picture is the story.  Note the green swamp behind the bounty of yellow flowers.

Friday, March 28, 2014

A Little Blue in a Lot of Green

Still no RV, and so no wandering stories to tell.  I wasted my beloved February indoors.  Shameful.
And now this month I so dislike is almost over.  March away I do, hiding from the drone of death and loss and endings.  All others seem downright giddy, marching in celebration of mating rituals, birth and springtime renewal.  

Even Mother Nature repaints her landscape with an extravagance that throws green sexuality all over marsh and wood.  Pollen counts are considered polite conversation.
And then there is the passing of another decade, once again presenting a four-ending year.  The last 3 of these four-ending years have marked periods of devastation in my life.  
1984:  I almost died. 
1994:  I lost the core of my family. 
2004:  I spent mostly dead and lost my beloved one.
I tell myself “watch out!” in 2014.  But why?
I know why.  And that is what took me to Brazos Bend this March I so hate; to raise binoculars with considered awe. Mother Nature has once again recreated this new day.  If only I could.
But beginnings are often based on endings.  And so I allow myself to be a Little Blue in a Lot of Green.