Friday, February 18, 2011

The RGV CoachHouse

Over the last four years the rick-man and I enjoyed two trips to the RGV.  The RGV, a new acronym in my vocabulary, stands for the Rio Grande Valley of Texas.  The RGV is one of the most important birding “hotspots” in the U.S. (along with southern Arizona) and the favored locale of WTs (Winter Texans).  I look forward to posting blogs about Bentsen and its amazing habitat, but promised family members that my first blogs would show pictures of our “CoachHouse” build.  Today I’ll simply include one photo of Bentsen S.P. that I took a week ago:

I had hoped to spend part of today blogging and posting multiple pictures on the details of the CoachHouse, but after spending ten hours alongside three electricians today, I’m going to save blogging the details for tomorrow, as construction pauses for the weekend.  
For now I’ll post these 3 pictures, as you are asking yourself—what is an RV lot with an unfinished CoachHouse?  But don’t be fooled by the lack of habitat on our new site, future pictures will show the beautiful tropical habitat that surrounds us.
A seventy-four foot long driveway with 12' x 24' CoachHouse:

The "condo on wheels" and its new winter home base:

The unfinished interior, with boxed bathtub and kitchen sink:

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