Thursday, May 19, 2011

THE Native Texan

Today's blog is a short one--based on the simple question:  Do you know this native Texan (see photos below)?  You may say, "not so great photos"--but when you identify the species, and search the web for better photos at this young age, you may be surprised as to what you CAN'T find.

These photos are of a VERY young juvenile, just beginning to venture out of the nest, but still being "bill fed" by Mama and Papa. I saw two juveniles, staying very close together, with beautiful Mama and Papa catching insects and delivering to their young "bill to bill". 

The BIG hint:  These juvenile birds are hatched in Texas--and NO OTHER place in the world!  They are endangered due to both habitat loss and the parasitic nesting of the Brown-headed Cowbird (another day's story).

My next blog will post delightful pictures of Mama and Papa with more to the story of this amazing experience!

But do you know this very young Native Texan?

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