Friday, February 17, 2012

Waiting for Recess

I haven’t posted a blog in almost two weeks because I haven’t been wandering (and I haven’t been wondering about anything worth sharing).  It has been a bit of a tough two weeks that came to conclusion just yesterday.  The toughness was self-imposed and didn’t involve any terrible event.  So I’m not complaining; but I am glad to have these two weeks behind me.  Quite simply, the last two weeks were about trading in our Airstream Classic and its thirty-one feet of length (and 10,000 pounds of luxury) for a shorter, lighter Airstream.  That was week one.  Week two was about ALL the work required to clean and equip a new condo-on-wheels.  It is rather amazing how many places I found metal shavings.  The metal shavings I’m still wondering about were the great number that I found lodged in the folds of the refrigerator door’s rubber gasket.  But as mentioned in the beginning, these past two weeks of effort are not a story I want to write about as I can tell you are already bored…

And why did we let go of our beloved condo-on-wheels?  Well, the rick-man and I have learned a lot over these past 6 years of Airstream travels.  We learned that an Airstream trailer is still the right choice for us at this time in our lives.  We like its low profile on the highway.  We like that it does NOT have “slides” to open and close and maintain and let-in drafts and leaves and bugs and …. And we especially like the Airstream windows and their panoramic views.  I won’t go on and on.

But we also learned a lot about the penalties of towing 31’ of trailer behind 19’ of tow vehicle.  And I learned more than I wanted to about the “ups” and “downs” of driving over mountain passes with 10,000 pounds in tow.  (And my blog posts from this past summer mention my white-knuckle experiences when traveling mountain passes after a loss of trailer brakes).

So simply stated, we have once again downsized our homesteading domain:  a shorter, lighter Airstream is now fully equipped and ready for our travels.  But I know I’ve spent too much time this past week in Walmart, Target and Bed, Bath and Beyond when I get overly excited about FINALLY finding a trash can that fits “just right” into the Airstream kitchen. 
Airstream outfitting action items are complete.  The rick-man and I are once again happily homesteading by spreading our “stuff” in both the Airstream and CoachHouse.  But it will take me awhile to call this new Airstream home.  That designation will probably come after some time spent with it in Texas state parks.  Traveling locales are where I’ll post pictures of our new Airstream baby.
And now?  I’m SO ready to be back on my bicycle and headed into Bentsen to bird.  I’m ready for my daily dose of recess with Mother Nature.  And so?  It is still raining!  Two weeks of drizzle, rain and humidity in the RGV--a fairly miraculous event after a year of drought.  I’m not complaining; we need the rain.  But I’m REALLY ready for recess….
Otherwise, I’m going to keep stuffing those cookies…

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  1. Here in Austin, we too are having lots of rain. It's quite lovely. After our year of drought, I see the rain as filling up the rivers for kayaking, washing fresh fossils out of the road cuts, and filling up our pond out at the farm. All good stuff! Maybe the wood ducks will come back next year.


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