Thursday, January 17, 2013

The Pine Warbler at Edinburg Wetlands

Today was a picture perfect January day in the RGV:  sunny, low humidity and a high temperature close to 70 degrees.  The rick-man and I, along with our good friend Dennis, drove to the Edinburg Wetlands of the World Birding Center network of sites. 

It was a great day of birding and photography.  I found it lovely to sit outside in the garden area and watch a Rufous Hummingbird aggressively move about.  The gardens are well maintained, and served today as an active playground for several valley specialties such as this Long-billed Thrasher:

But today’s surprise was sighting a Pine Warbler, a commonly sighted warbler of the Piney Woods of East Texas and the Upper Texas Gulf Coast.  But I did not expect to see a Pine Warbler this valley day.
It was nice to watch this Pine Warbler move about the wooded area of the gardens.  It seemed I was watching a good neighbor from back home that has also discovered this magical most southern tip of Texas:

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