Monday, October 28, 2013

Swamp Sparrow Life Lessons

I’ve always needed a good bit of down time to reflect on my life. Before you call me narcissistic, I spend much more time pondering the “bigger” life as possibly viewed from Mother Nature’s binoculars.  Some call it day dreaming; some call it wasting time.  I call it food for thought.

I bird for many reasons, but perhaps I most love to watch these feathered friends teach me about we humans, and our narcissistic concept of uniquely created in the image of.
A muted day at Brazos Bend finds me watching and wondering the life view of this Swamp Sparrow.  The Swamp Sparrow acts out a demonstration of my own repeating patterns of behavior.
Stilled by life, she seems to pause and contemplate her own reflection:

Startled, as I am when reflecting too closely on my own life, she appears to jump away from what she finds:


She turns her back and hides within her own world, hoping that her blinders, and the blinders of others, will mute her uniqueness within a forest of the many:

And then the Swamp Sparrow turns and watches the watcher:  

When I turn, and see a friend come into view, the day is not so muted.

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