Tuesday, December 2, 2014

The House at Home

The RGV got some much needed rain yesterday evening, followed by cooler nighttime temperatures.  I caught sight of a rainbow.  The rain was a soothing familiarity for this Upper-Gulf-Coast gal.

In terms of my house-on-wheels, I’ll mention that I’m SO thankful for the “warming blanket” that I bought at Bed, Bath and Beyond.  This electric blanket lets me leave the Winnebago View’s thermostat in the “kind of cold for sitting around” position during nighttime sleep, avoiding too much dysfunctional-furnace noise or heat pump noise.  

The furnace, the noisy refrigerator, and the “pressure relief” dripping of the hot water tank into the shower are but a few of the many reasons this View has not yet become my home. (The shower is next to the corner bed; the dripping only occurs when the hot water heater is on; another day’s blog)

I definitely don’t think of this View as my beloved condo-on-wheels.  It is a house-on-wheels that is currently filled with regret.  Maybe the fix-it possibilities will bring my pressure relief.

But my RV house is not the subject of this day’s blog.  I wanted to share a few photos of a House Wren, giving me a peek at his home, in a broken snag in Bentsen State Park:


This lovely House Wren fussed at me as I slowly birded the path to the Hawk Tower.  When I stopped my movement and stood still, and let a good bit of minutes pass, this lovely feathered One went from fussing to singing his beautiful song. 


Moving about the front door of his snag-house, there was no question in my mind; I’d sighted the House at Home:


  1. We use space heaters to save on propane. That could also be an option for you. I bet it wouldn't take much to heat up your place. :-)

    What other models of RVs did you look at before deciding on yours? Whenever I see a View, I think of you.

  2. Little wren, I'm so glad that you brought happiness to Emily!


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