Saturday, March 7, 2015

"Just a Savannah"

Whether entering a restaurant, or checking into an RV park, I’m asked the same question:  “How many?”

And when I reply “One”, I’m always asked the same next question:

“Just one?”

And so I’ve developed a bad habit.  I find myself entering a favorite restaurant and answering the “How many?” question with this answer:

“Just one.”

And on my latest visit to a Texas State Park, I again answered:

“Just one.”

So I’ve thought about it and I don’t like my bad habit, liking it even less than their question of “Just one?”

So I’m back to answering the “How many?” question with a confident “One.”  And when they immediately reply with the “Just one?” follow-on question, I smile and look them in the eye and say: 


This subtle prejudice toward singles is not unique.  In the birding world I’ve occasionally birded with other birders, better birders, and I often hear, when we sight a group of ground sparrows: “It’s just a Savannah.”

And so this ONE pays tribute today to the lovely and unique Savannah Sparrow.  It’s not just a Savannah.  It’s a Savannah!  (at Armand Bayou Nature Center)

This lovely Savannah inspired this ONE to spend a little time with my artistic side:

Of course, I’m not so great with sparrows so it could JUST be something else…


  1. Texas in the winter is certainly Savannah land. I am always pleased when I get a glimpse of those yellow lores.

  2. I was going to comment on the yellow lords, but Judy beat me to it! I agree with you about the One statements. We "Ones" are a special group!


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