Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Siblings, Some Half-Century Later

Like many American families, mine is spread out across multiple states.  If I could change this geographic wandering, especially the miles of distance apart from my siblings, I certainly would.  But I learned a long time ago that families, like birds, often live their lives far from their original nesting ground.  And so comes the advantage of owning a condo-on-wheels, proving a great way to visit family and friends, in-between use in our glorious state and national parks.  A great way, that is, when not holding family reunions in July, during the certain heat and humidity of our Lone Star State.  But this kid sister spends time with her brothers any chance she gets.

And so this past weekend found the rick-man and me in central Texas, partaking in a wonderful reunion with my siblings and the families we each have created.
I am never certain what food we may eat when we gather, or what conversations and recent life experiences we may share, but I’m always confident that we will spend time outside—no matter how hot or humid.  A passion and respect for Mother Nature are strong family values that give we three unique offspring a common ground.  We three siblings honor our parents through individual hobbies and interests that reflect a childhood where camping trips were what was meant by vacation; where “free-time” meant outdoor play; and where “include your sister” meant I was always in for a wonderful adventure.

Pictures tell the story better than words.  A childhood of outdoor play where toys were often empty boxes and inner tubes:

State park hikes included being carried "in the arm chair" when kid sister couldn't keep up:

And some half-century later, a day hike is what we mean by a reunion outing:


  1. I enjoyed this special post. Got to know you a little more in the sharing of your family memories.


  2. Something else interesting. I do not check your blog every day but it seems whenever I do check it, you have just recently I said, interesting.



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