Thursday, August 28, 2014

The Willet's Shrimp Dinner

When my fingers are sufficiently sore from practicing mandolin, I return to my August “chore” of sorting and filing photographs from the past year.  

I’ve always grouped photos by date and locale, but this summer I’m undergoing a major project to create an additional filing of past bird photographs, grouped by bird name.  It is great fun to go back through the years and see progress in photos and field techniques.

My favorite photos are usually NOT the rare migrants, or the new lifers found in fields far from home.  Instead, I most like photos of the common birds of the Texas upper gulf coast.  I especially love watching them go about their lives; giving me glimpses into the common behaviors we humans so share with the feathered ones.

Even though I chased spring migrants this past April and May, blogging a bit about my daytrips, it is this set of photographs, of a Willet with her shrimp dinner, that are my favorite.

Dinner is found:

My favorite photo, watching this Willet as she swings the shrimp up and out and around:

The swing-technique would end by catching the shrimp mid-body:

And the epicurean delight would begin:

And repeat:

Don’t we all recognize these facial expressions from eating really great food?

And then the expression I know so well:  I can’t believe I ate the whole thing!

Have a birdy day (or at least enjoy some really good food)!

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