Tuesday, October 7, 2014

I'm SO Ready to Take Flight

What can I say?  I stopped blogging for a lot of reasons—mostly because I don’t think I have anything worth saying.  I’ve tried to think of subjects of interest, with clever titles such as “Give Us This Day, Our Daily Rain”.

I’ve lived over fifty years around the upper Gulf Coast of Texas.  I’ve seen hurricanes; droughts; a wee bit of snow; and a good bit of rain and thunder-bumpers.  But nothing like the glorious (almost) daily drenching of this summer. 

There’s been no flooding in my neck of the woods; just lots of afternoon thunder, lightning and downpours.  Thank you Mother Nature.

I’ve sat in my favorite chair, by a north-facing window, and watched the storms arrive; listened to the rain and wind; and felt the blessings of healing rain on this drought-parched land. The Live Oaks raised their arms with a bounty of new growth.  I raised my arms and danced a happy dance. 

I’ve gone out and about only a bit; heat, humidity, and drenching rain have, as usual, limited my summertime birding and such.  As a seasoned Gulf Coastie, I give mosquitoes my respectful distance. 

And so you see, I’ve had nothing much to say.  But I did sight a Brown Booby at the Baytown Nature Center a couple of weeks ago; a new lifer for me.   Birders will say “Cool!”  Non-birders will politely ask: “What did you say?”  “You saw a what?” 

And today?  Did something happen worth blogging about?  No. Except for this: I’m ready to share a bit of “almost” hope. 

Yes, I’d be talking about an RV.  For the THIRD time, I’ve ordered one.  A different one.  A different dealer. 

I’m saying no more until it arrives (next month)—and all goes well.  The first two failed attempts cause me to NOT say much about it.  Until I do.

But I will say this:  I’m SO Ready to take flight!

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