Monday, November 24, 2014

Black is Grey and Grey is Black

The lovely news? I spent last night in my new View!

With this week being Thanksgiving, I realized the delayed timing of my maiden voyage would not make for a state park being a good destination.  Most school year weekdays are lovely and quiet in Texas State Parks, but I give over Thanksgiving week, two Spring break weeks and a few other times to the masses that take their family vacations in the parks. I'm glad to see this holiday use by families, and so I gladly avoid these holiday times.

And so a bit of good luck came my way, and I'm renting a lovely RV site, with full hookups, in the RGV. I drove seven hours yesterday. Some other day I'll blog more about the feel of this RV on the road. Summary: great driver's seat and ergonomics; but horribly rough and noisy ride.

And so I was exhausted on arrival in this lovely place and mainly focused on getting water and electric and leveling and other basic needs set up. But one thing boiled my frustration: when I turned on the air conditioner, HUGE amounts of sawdust and metal shavings and other debris blew out of all the ceiling vents! All over everything--including my bedding!

Cleaning that mess after such a long day was exhausting. AND I realized why the dealership PDI person left all the vents closed when he cycled the A/C!

 I hoped for an easier day today but ended up spending more than expected time on testing the holding tanks and monitoring system. Are you ready for what I discovered? The monitoring system has the tanks backwards!

When filling the grey tank with kitchen sink and shower water, the black tank monitor showed the sensors going from Empty to 1/3 to 2/3 to Full while the grey tank monitor stayed Empty for its reading! And just the opposite when I filled the black tank by flushing the toilet and running the bathroom sink--the black tank monitor showed Empty and the Grey tank monitor went to Full! (And yes, one of the compromises was buying an RV where the bathroom sink is dumped into the black tank--I don't know what type of maintenance issues I may face in my future, especially if not using the RV over the hottest summer months.)

Do you think the dealership PDI or the manufacturing Quality Control get a passing grade for the tank monitoring system?  Imagine a new RVer that didn't test the system--I think they would have black water mess in their RV, thinking the black tank monitor was sitting with an Empty reading!

But at least the monitoring system works. It's just backwards.  I'm rolling with that punch--for now.

And so this evening, I'm beginning to relax. I tested the furnace today and I'll be able to run it tonight.

And I did go for a short walk late afternoon with binoculars around my neck. The RGV is an amazing place where East meets West meets Far South for bird specialties. Where else will a casual walk give me Chacalacas, Green Jays, Western Kingbird, Orange-crowned Warblers, Golden-fronted Woodpeckers, Verdin and Black-and-white Warbler to name not all?

Tomorrow's goal includes more play time; a bit of cooking; and getting out my camera and laptop.

This post is my first try using my iPad. So the font and grammar may be awful. But this gal is SO glad to be blogging with RV WANDERING in my immediate future!

And if you are WONDERING why so many winter Texans come to the RGV, take a look at the Weather Channel's 10 day forecast for Mission, Texas!


  1. I really think you should take it back to the dealership and insist upon the fixes. In the meantime, try to enjoy yourself. Laguna Atiscosa NWR will give you a bird fix. ;)

  2. I surely sympathize i you! I've bought used all my life and still had lots of problems and had to rebuild, refix, redecorate, etc! Then everything was really good. Since you bought new, you won't have to pay for these repairs, and if it were me, I would park at the dealership and not move myself out of there until they repaired every item on your list!


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