Sunday, November 30, 2014

The Black-necked Stilt and the Bike Rack

Tomorrow was my planned day to head toward hill country state parks.  As a newbie to the motorized RV world, I’m currently traveling without a dinghy tow.  That’s OK for now, as I want to get a feel for the capability, freedom and constraints of traveling with just 25’ of RV. 

Long term I’ll certainly want a day tripping vehicle, not to mention the capability to pick-up groceries or run other errands without breaking campsite.  But for now I want to make sure this RV and I are going to have a long term relationship…so far, I haven’t felt the love.

But traveling without my bicycle, especially in Texas, is not OK.  My bicycle gives me a lot of capability, in a lot of state parks, to cover ground from the campground to trailheads and/or multiple hike and bike trails, not to mention bird blinds.

My bicycle rack is the kind where the bicycle hangs from the arms of the hitch-mounted rack.  This rack worked great on the back of my car.  But what I discovered with the Winnebago View is that the rack is so high off the ground, I must lift my heavy mama-style bicycle above my shoulder height to put it onto the rack’s arm cradles.

Well, my old neck and back injury allowed me to lift the bicycle above shoulders just once; and then my body spoke loudly to me:  “This isn’t happening!”

So I got a little frustrated with myself and wasn’t happy over hauling my bicycle around without taking it off for use.  And then it dawned on me:  “Hey, I’m in a full hookup luxury site in the RGV; a site in an RV park with a mailing address. I bet I can order a bike rack from Amazon and have it delivered to my RV door step!  

And so I’ve ordered the same bike rack that I’ve owned in the past; the kind where the wheels sit in the cradle and a clamp comes down over the bike’s frame to hold it in place.

Problem solved—I hope.  Penalty?  Another lovely week of birding and biking in the RGV; and carefully rationing my food so I don’t have to RV to the grocery store.

With order in place yesterday, I rode my bicycle to Bentsen State Park and had a wonderful 4 hours in the park.  The wind picked up by afternoon and so I enjoyed a quiet rest in the RV, with maps and bird books as my day-dreaming companions.

But before I develop yesterday’s photos, I wanted to catch up by posting these Black-necked Stilt photos from my Thanksgiving Day at Estero Llano Grande.

I see a good number of Black-necked Stilts around the shallows of Galveston Bay, but none ever let me get close.  This beauty seemed to ignore me, as long as I didn’t try to move ahead of him for better lighting!

It feels pretty good to be a valley girl; especially knowing I’ll soon be a hill country girl.  And for today, I've got an interesting state park that is only a bike ride away.

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  1. You are showing great good sense in ordering the bike rack that you can lift to without any pain! By the way, I saw a Winebago View that had a sage(sorta) green, cream, etc color scheme on the exterior of the motorhome! It was very lovely! Is your new RV in that same color scheme?


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