Thursday, January 1, 2015

2014 Images: The Imaginary World of My Ordinary Life

I am THRILLED to welcome 2015, putting a “four ending year” behind me!

Today seems a good one to share some of my favorite moments, developed into the imaginary world that I see, when viewing the “ordinary” Feathered Ones from my little corner of this world.

I sighted eleven new species of birds in 2014, without venturing one hundred miles from my stick house.  I’ve shared a few photos; I have some great memories of each sighting.  But I am not a Lister at heart.  Those moments and those photographs are not the entry into my imaginary world. 

I live an ordinary life, and it is my long walks with Mother Nature, observing the more common Feathered Ones, that gives me joy.  I hope these images will bring you a smile, or a laugh, or an interest to look again, and again, at a Feathered One.

The caption with each photo will ask you:  “Do you see what I see?”

But by clicking on each photo, for full screen viewing, you may enter your own imaginary world, seeing what your imagination can only show you.

The Mottled Duck, sharing that tranquil look of One at home in her surroundings:

A November day in Bentsen State Park,  where change and sameness spring eternal:

The Swamp Sparrow gave me a welcoming pose, showing off her beautiful living room at Brazos Bend:

The White Ibis that served as my trail guide as I slowly biked and birded Brazos Bend:

The Great Blue Heron, the wise One that welcomes me to the Texas City Dike, and reminds me to listen again and again to Joni Mitchell’s Blue:

The fall landscape, bayside at Galveston Island State Park. How can people say “There just isn’t much there?”

My self portrait and favorite photo for 2014; a juvenile Yellow-crowned Night-Heron’s posed interpretation of Mary Cassatt’s painting “Child in a Straw Hat”:

The One that first caught my eye when I was but age three, the Laughing Gull, drinking this year from the Spring of Living Water:

And that next generation of Laughing Gull that has the confident walk of the young; believing that the eternal is always in the present:

Ms. Red-winged Blackbird, waiting for the Ob-Gyn:

Friend or foe?  It is hard to find someone who will watch One’s back.  It seems easy to find those that will take from us whatever they can get away with, even our home nest:

The watchfulness of a Sora teaches me to pause and reflect and look for the goodness of the day:

We ordinary Ones can be a thing of beauty when we come together in community; when we take purposeful flight:

May your 2015 be birdy!


  1. I give this post 10 "Quacks"! ;)

  2. The photo of the swamp sparrow is so exquisite that I almost thought that it was done by picasso! Your strength of eloquence must be transformed into strength of RV rehabilitation so that you can trust the View and do more birdy photography!

  3. Lovely, both the view and the captions!


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