Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Flying My Way

The cold is flying my way.  But today, with my window’s shutters tilted upward against the brightness of the south sun, there is NO WAY that I can complain about the cold. 

But after tonight, the next 6 nights are forecast to be in the 20’s and 30’s, with a good bit of rain sprinkled over several days.  This “maybe once or so a year” freezing cold arrives tomorrow night. 

I still have no complaint with this forecast. This summer Texan loves these winter days.  BUT, this is not the week to head out in the RV. 

And today is NOT the day to spend time on the computer.  The winter sun and high of 62 degrees beckons me to go for a long walk on one of the local greenbelts.

So I thought I’d pause and share these photos of a teenage Herring Gull, flying my way, from one of my recent daytrips to the Texas City Dike.
These photos fall into my category of “shoot at flying objects and something good may happen.” 

There is an amusing (and amorous) back-story to these photos, including why this Gull flew my way.  I’ll share those photos and story soon.  

The story will be of an overly amorous couple (non-Gull) that caught the attention of this teenage Herring Gull and this second half-century Gal.  So note the "bird's eye view" in these photos; there was something that definitely caught this teenager's attention:

Hope my RVing friends have full LP tanks and good furnaces!

May your winter’s day be birdy!


  1. Emily, get your RV repaired so you can go-go-go and tell us about all your good times! The gull is great. Do you use a tripod or monopod to help hold the camera so steady?

    1. Thanks, Hazel for your comment encouraging my photography and RVing! I no longer use a monopod because I reached the point that the added weight limited my hikes and the freedom to shoot up or down or any direction was too slow for my interests. I have a Canon 100-400mm Image Stabilizer lens. The IS works really well--but I do delete a LOT of out of focus images. I've learned some techniques that help me hold this lens "still". I'm working on getting RV problems solved and hope to be traveling soon!


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