Thursday, December 5, 2013

Chasing Flight

After yesterday’s all-day “chores and errands” mode, I’m a wee bit excited about watching and listening to today’s cold-front arrival.  The rain has started, and the promised cold should arrive later today.  For this summer surviving Gulf Coastie, I like nothing better than to stand outside and feel the cold north wind blow away the humid high temperatures. 
Today I won’t be day tripping out and about, but I also won’t spend too much time on my computer.  I’ll be watching, listening and feeling Mother Nature’s cold blast from up north:


So I thought I’d celebrate with a first post of a to-be recurring “chasing flight” theme, sharing my not-so-amazing photos of attempts to digitally shoot quickly moving feathered objects.  My camera-chasing-flight dance is not nearly as entertaining as the Reddish Dance.

From two days ago, a daytrip to the Texas City Dike, Brown Pelicans:


and Royal Terns:

And from Thanksgiving Day, a Laughing Gull’s in-flight-to-water catch:



  1. Great shots of grace in the air. Looking for more. RC


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