Monday, December 16, 2013

The Greytest Greyt Day!

This past summer I got serious about adding a dog to my family.  I love the RVing lifestyle.  I love dogs.  And when I’m traveling, I meet so many other RVers with dogs—so why wasn’t I one of them?
Well, my favorite dog may surprise you; it is the Greyhound.  I fell in love with greyhounds when I was thirteen.  But that story isn’t important.  What is important is what happened this past summer.  I turned to Google to learn more about greyhounds.  Specifically, I Googled:  “RVing with Greyhounds”

And guess what popped up?  The most amazing website titled “Two Greyhound Town”—a blog not just about RVing with greyhounds—but a blog written by a greyhound, Joey, as he travels around the U.S. (with his greyhound sister and human Mama and Dad, in their RV).
I started reading; and reading. I laughed until I cried.  I became an avid follower of Mr. Joey’s (the greyhound) stories (and pictures!) that detail his RVing adventures with his sister, Miss Scout (the greyhound) and human Mama and Dad.
And you really won’t believe what happened today.  I got to go visit Joey and his family! They’ve traveled to Texas as part of the Winter Texan migration that occurs each year (when RVers from the great north head south, to escape the harsh northern winters).
Joey is a really handsome “all boy” greyhound.  He is full of curious energy and loves adventure.  Joey is incredibly well mannered and was a perfect gentleman today when I got to walk with him and hold his leash.  And even better, he was especially happy that I walked him beside his mama—it’s not everyone that so easily shows their love for their mama.  He is his mama's boy in the best kind of way.  I think that makes Joey pretty special. 
And speaking of pretty—that would be Scout!  She is a big beautiful “all girl” greyhound.  She is a lovely lady with the most gentile of manners.  She gave me a warm, friendly greeting on arrival.  She walked beside me and would occasionally stop and look at me as if to say “I’m glad to meet you.”  And Scout shows her contentment when receiving a good back massage—what discerning lady doesn’t?
But my manners would be remiss if I didn’t mention Mrs. Patty, their mama.  Mrs. Patty has that rare gift, not seen so often these days:  the gift for hospitality.  Look it up; it is one of the “greatest gifts” and she has it.
I could write and write about today’s wonderful visit—but I won’t because pictures are worth a thousand words.  And did I take any pictures?  No, because I was too busy visiting.  But Joey’s mama took some great photos and posted them today on Joey’s blog page.  You must take a look!  I’m attaching the link to Joey’s post for today, so that no matter when you read this story, you’ll go to that post:

But make sure you also look at Joey’s newest (and older) posts—he is a greyt storyteller!  Link to Joey's newest blog post: 
Today was the greytest of greyt days.  I met greyt knew friends.  I learned a lot about RVing with greyhounds.  And I’ve already looked at today’s photos that Mrs. Patty posted.
Joey, keep writing!  I’ll keep reading!  You make me laugh just when I think nothing will.

THANK YOU Mrs. Patty for a GREYT day!  This birder will reflect on today for a long, long time.  See you here or on the road!



  1. Oh goodness! You are making us blush. We enjoyed meeting you today. Scout loved having someone pet her for so long. I was so proud that Joey walked so well for you. He is a good boy, but he is all boy. LOL I am glad the blog makes you laugh. Some days it is pretty funny and other days it flops. LOL

    A dog for you is out there. You just haven't met him or her yet. :-)

  2. Arf! You really know Santa? Come visit me again!

  3. Great Christmas gifts all the way around. RC


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