Sunday, December 29, 2013

Fruitful Comments

Believe it or not, when I’m out in the field, I don’t just look at birds.  I’m just incredibly ignorant about most biology; almost all botany; and definitely all geology. 
But my ignorance doesn’t mean that I don’t stop, look and wonder.  And sometimes I’ll even snap a photo or two. But researching these complex sciences seems to fall off this girl’s to-do list.  It’s so much easier spending my evenings looking at birding field guides!

While birding in field and wood these last few months, I’ve found myself drawn to a number of beautiful native fruits.  As a local Gulf Coastie, I should be able to tell you all about them, but I can’t.  I just think they are lovely.

I decided to share a few fruit-filled photos as my way of saying thank you to those folks that don’t even know me, and yet leave wonderfully encouraging and funny comments to my blog posts.

I confess that I’ve had more than a few days where I’ve almost convinced myself to stop blogging, as I’m not sure anyone is reading. And then boom!  I’ll get the best of encouragement:  a thoughtful or funny comment.
I’ve long thought that the expression bearing fruit is one that is overused; or polarizing; or presumptive about a capability of some one person.  But this lovely expression can also mean gifting another to be successful.  The gift is not about the one.  It is about the giving and lifting up of another.
And so I want to thank each one of you for your insightful, funny, and encouraging comments to my blog.  Your comments bear fruit for me, nudging me to keep at it. 
I’ll claim you are gifting me with the tenacity to continue my work on photography and writing; continuing to post my own little stories and photos; and continuing to look forward to sharing my next day in the field.
Special thanks to Patty (Two Greyhound Town), Judy (Travels with Emma) and Hazel (Class A Greyhounds). Your comments to my blog, and your own great blog stories and photos, bring a great deal of joy and laughter to my life.  Not to mention a good bit of wonder over some of your adventures!
May all your days be birdy days!


  1. That fruit definitely looks good enough to eat.

  2. I think comments make all the difference in the world for bloggers. At least they do for me. They enrich my life, and as a solo traveler give me a feeling of community.

    Emily, I was wondering if you might like to join me some weekend morning at the hunter check station? It would give you a different perspective on waterfowl if you aren't anti-hunting. A different kind of photo op as well. When I write my post tonight, I'll be including a few 'different' kind of bird pictures. Let me know...

  3. Yes, Judy I would love to! You can leave me logistics info as a comment, and I won't publish it.

  4. For some reason the term "The Grapes of Rath" came to mind as I was looking at your photos. Not sure why. Perhaps a shrink (couldn't spell pshycoatrist) would have a field day with those thoughts. :)



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