Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Brazos Bend Moments

Today was a good one.  I placed myself on my bicycle at 7:00 a.m. and can now claim a two hour bike ride.  Today’s bike ride once again reminded me that I’ve let myself get WAY out of shape, and that daily exercise needs to again become my lifestyle.  

Today’s two hour ride, so early for me, also reminded me that I seem to do so much better facing the rest of the day, if I start the day outdoors.

But today being a good one didn’t stop with this insight.  Good sight surprised me today.

The two-week-later phone call finally came this afternoon:  my new glasses were ready for pick-up!  It has been several years since I’ve been fitted with new glasses.  I can’t stop looking far and close:  I can see!

I’m learning to hold tight to such good days; good moments in life.  I’ll confess that I’ve never liked the expression “living in the moment” and I’ve never been good at the serendipitous adventures that come from a moment’s notice.

But holding good moments seems more precious than silver or gold.  Maybe that is why I enjoy spending so much time developing the RAW images that I shoot when out in the field.  The photos freeze that moment in time; and those are the moments that I seem to most enjoy.

I made it a late night last night, reviewing and developing an assortment of recent photos.  Today seems to be the right day to share these Brazos Bend moments, lovely in my memory.

A probable family grouping of Blue-winged Teal, and their reflections, gifted a moment of peace and tranquility:

One of my favorite spots at Brazos Bend; let’s call it Coot Hollow. These two American Coots were definitely in-love this springtime day, seeming to seek out a quiet corner to, well you know:

And “Green Island”, another one of my favorite spots:

As I walked and birded, something about an unusual curve, in the weathering of a snag’s stump, caught my eye.  Binoculars first, then an attempt at macro-photography with my 400 mm lens gifted me this surprising moment:

And then there are my favorite Winter Texans:  the Yellow-rumped Warblers.  I will never grow tired of watching their beauty; their poses that speak volumes about the contemplative spirit of human nature:

And my favorite study from last night. I’d love to claim this Yellow-rumped Warbler as a self-portrait:

Thanks for sharing these moments with me!


  1. Great going! Two hours on your bike and then hours at the computer with photos!


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