Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Galveston's Summertime Flowers

Summertime tends to slow me down.  I look back on my younger days and wonder that I once played tennis at high noon—just for the challenge of heat and sun.  Sunscreen?  That term was not in my vocabulary. 

These days my morning bike-rides and evening walks remind me how much I love the bayside breeze; and how much I now struggle with the summertime heat and humidity.  I am a Gulf Coastie; an aging Gulf Coastie.

Long hours birding in the field will wait for cooler temperatures; but that doesn’t keep me indoors.  Daytrips continue; noontime hiking (and tennis) does not. 

And so this past Friday found me photographing Galveston’s post-Ike tree sculptures.  As I photographed these wooden sculptures, I found my eyes drawn to the living testaments that love this island’s noontime heat and humidity: the summertime flowering plants.

I thought I’d pause from the development of sculpture photos and share a few of Galveston’s summer flowers.  Aren’t they cheerful?

This last photo is an unknown flower.  The bloom was tiny, on the end of one long stem, on a solo plant that I almost missed. I want to turn this flower into an orchid, but I’m not sure that is correct as I couldn’t find a similar bloom on the web.  If you know the name of this lovely flower, please share:

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