Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Half an RV OR Wilson's Phalarope Photos

The running of errands, as my mom always called it, takes me more time than I think possible.  I haven’t blogged these last two days as my errands, although productive, haven’t been exciting.

I spent most of Sunday cleaning the inside of my new tow vehicle.  Although not fun, it turned out to be a great way to figure out most of the knobs and buttons—with “most” being the key word.  I’m embarrassed to say that the electronic gadgets—including setting the radio stations, are still on my “to figure out” list. 

But that’s OK—as I now understand how to check the tire pressure and most of the engine-related systems' monitoring.  This girl can retire, but it’s hard to stop this girl from worrying about faults, fault isolation, recovery and such.

Today’s errands included going to the closest “store” and standing in the ever-present line to procure a toll-road tag for my new tow vehicle.  A good number of RVing trips ago, I learned that paying toll-road fees is more to my liking than white-knuckled steering through major cities!
It’s hard for me to go just about anywhere without “going around” Houston.  And going around Houston is ALWAYS my first choice.  Today’s tattooing of my tow vehicle with its toll-road tag means I’m finally ready to proclaim:  I have half an RV! 

And when the other half arrives, the stories should get a lot more interesting…

For now, I thought I’d share a few more Wilson’s Phalarope photos that I developed from my mid-May trip to the Anahuac NWR:


  1. When you get all the buttons and knobs figured out, I have a pedestal reserved for you in the" RV Hall of buttons and knobs Fame!"


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