Monday, May 26, 2014

Chicito or a Wilson's Plover?

I’m not riding my bicycle often enough to better recover from each two-hour bike-ride’s exercise.  But yesterday morning I enjoyed a two-hour ride, weaving from neighborhood to neighborhood, and noting the many American flags, placed in front yards, honoring this Memorial Day. 

My two-hour bike ride again left me mostly useless the rest of yesterday.  I did manage to spend a good bit of time washing my car as it was covered in a plethora of dead Love Bugs, victims from my Friday’s hour drive to Brazos Bend State Park.  This month has brought as many Love Bugs to the Texas coast as my memory allows.

I’ve decided not to write about Memorial Day this year, but that doesn’t mean that the thousands that have died in our country’s wars with others, and war with ourselves, is not on my mind.  Seems Memorial Day should be called a holy day rather than a holiday.  With holy meaning a day set apart, to remember our fallen and wounded men and women, and to contemplate and discern a path to a more peaceful today and tomorrow. 

Today simply finds me settling down to develop photos and to work a bit on my writing.  I thought I’d post a quick blog before I get started.  

My photos today are of a delightful Wilson’s Plover that gave me great amusement, on a recent trip to Rollover Pass.  This plover seemed to enjoy watching me as much as I enjoyed watching him:

But the best time was watching this plover run.  It ran EXACTLY like a family member’s Border Collie, Chicito.  If you’ve ever seen a Border Collie in action, you’ll recognize the pose this plover claims in the last photo:

I hope you’ll find time to go out and spend time looking at the feathered Ones—they may just remind you of your loved ones!

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  1. Good job, plover! Hope you got your supper.


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