Thursday, May 22, 2014

The 25th 22nd

Your life is in that place that wants to go out,
And find sacred ground, unknown.
You see most of your days ahead, and you wonder:
Does my path embolden passions I hold dear?

Tired of those thought purposed to teach
You ache to learn life all on your own.
You go, letting loose those deep waters inside you;
Those longings, which have made you their this-day home.

Will you hold close Mother Nature’s wise counsel?
And keep distant what your careful heart warns?
Going can give new life to returning:
To pursue and cherish YOUR life’s work.

May your search hone your passions and loves;
And honor your foremothers’ hard-farming lives.
They exampled lifestyles that may guide you
To THEIR sacred ground; this one, your Sure-footed home.


  1. Did you write this lovely poem/post?

    1. Yes, Hazel, I spent two recent days and nights writing it. Heartfelt with a lot of tears and healing joy. I don't often write poetry as I find it so difficult--but felt that it gave me the right canvas to paint these thoughts and reflections. Thank you for reading my blog, providing encouraging and experienced birder comments; and especially for calling my poem lovely.

  2. That's a lovely and thoughtful poem. And the photographs sure bring back some memories.

  3. Very nice... Susan


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