Saturday, May 3, 2014

The Day After Three Days in the Field

Today I’m happy-dancing in front of my computer, listening to music, drinking caffeine and plowing through these past three days of in-the-field photos.

Wednesday found me catching warbler and vireo migrants at Lafitte’s Cove, lugging camera and lens and such for almost seven hours—a statement of good tired.

Thursday found me slowly birding the Texas City dike, a delightful day sighting the wonders of springtime plumage and mating behavior.

Friday took me on a ferry ride to Bolivar, Rollover Pass, and up and over to Anahuac NWR.  The best nine hour day that gifted 1100 photos and six new lifers, including the sought-after Ruff! 

And what better way for those nine hours to end than walking the Anahuac garden boardwalk, listening to the song of Bobolinks moving about the nearby trees, dressed in their beautiful yellow-and-black breeding plumage.

Photos and stories of these three days will unfold.  But today is a wonderfully long day of listening to music and sorting through some 45GBs of photos.  (And no I won’t get through all of them today—but oh, it is fun trying!)

I thought I'd pause and share my happy dance with the visual imagery of this Lafitte’s Cove Summer Tanager:

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  1. Okay, Emily, I am officially jealous! All these sightings and 45 GB of photos, and a RUFF!


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