Sunday, October 19, 2014

Brazos Bend: A Quiet, Much Needed, Beautiful Day

This past week has NOT graced our country, or our world, with much in the way of good news.  It is easy to get plastered to the TV's twenty-four-hour news cycle; or the web; or other modes of real-time crisis reporting.

Thankfully, this past week gave the Upper Gulf Coast of Texas its first real taste of fall weather.  And for me, as with so many others, time outdoors was just the needed medicine.

I never grow tired of Brazos Bend State Park; birdy or not.  This past rainy-hot summer I disappointed myself with no day trips to this amazingly complex habitat.

But this week, Brazos Bend gifted me with a quiet, much needed, beautiful day.

With no scientific or habitat detailing, Brazos Bend is best described as what you get when you combine:

A healthy set of Oxbows (Resaca’s):

With hardwood forests:

And a good bit of “prehistoric swamp” habitat:

And what do I get from time spent in this uniquely complex habitat?  A turning from my focus on the human sorrows of the day, to a view of the path forward, where Mother Nature leads we humans; intended or not; wanted or not.

Mother Nature is not Santa Claus.  She and Her creation are so very real.  Sometimes, it seems, only my imagination can come close to describing what She so willingly shares.

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  1. I used to camp at Brazos Bend and really liked it, and once a great horned owl tried to take my teacup poodle while we were doing a midnight pee walk.
    Thanks for jogging my memories.


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