Sunday, October 26, 2014

"Hey Mom! Look at What I Caught!"

“Hey, Mom!  Look at what I caught!”

“Watch, Mom, Watch!  Just like you taught me!”

“Hey-hey, Mom!  Watch me flip this sucker right down my hatch!”

“MOM! Help! He’s fighting back!  What do I do?”

“Oh, crap—I dropped him.”

“It’s OK—it’s OK!—I got him!”

“Watch, Mom, Watch!  No more showing off—just down the hatch!”

“MOM!  Help!  Help!  He’s REALLY fighting back!”

“No—No—this is it—I got him—one big swallow.”

“Gulp.  Uhhhh…I’m not sure it’s supposed to feel like this…”

“Uhhh…OK, I’ll try to take one big swallow…”

“Something’s tickling the back of my throat…”

“Mom, I’m just gonna sit still for awhile.  Yes, yes—I’ll think harder about all you taught me, starting with telling me NOT to take such big bites and NOT to play with my food.”

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