Friday, October 10, 2014

Where's Ahhctober?

It’s a wee bit hard to complain about the unseasonably warm weather, what with all that’s going on in the world.  

And a wee bit harder to fuss at Mother Nature, after an award-winning Upper-Gulf-Coast summer that never “officially” hit triple digits (my garage surely did!); never threatened a hurricane; AND, consistently provided a bounty of good, soaking rains.

But we Gulf Coasties have long declared October to be one of our favorite months.  Threats of hurricanes are past.  And almost always, the long summer’s heat and humidity are behind us.  

October brings those low humidity, high’s in the 70’s kind of blue sky days that makes we summer Texans go outside and spread our arms and say Ahhhh….we love Ahhctober!

But not yet.  So where’s Ahhctober?  Coming next Tuesday the forecasters promise.  After a good bit of rain.

So what do we locals do?  Well, this one likes to walk in the rain.  My feathered friends?  They like to cool their heels in the puddles.

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