Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Fun with Hooded Warblers

I’ll declare spring birding to mean more photos and fewer words.  At least until I catch up on photo development from these last two weeks of shooting spring migrants.

The friendliest migrant seems to be the Hooded Warblers.  They pop out of thick cover, seemingly just to check me out.  One male Hooded hopped right up to me, stopping just at my booted foot before going around me to continue his solo game of hopscotch. 

Playful they seemed and bright colored they are.  But their bright coloring of saturated yellow, lime-green and stark-black hood gave my Photoshop software fits when trying to cleanly develop the Raw images.

And so I’m not overly pleased with any of my results.  But developing photos of these lovely Aves makes me want to do one thing—get back out in the field!

Catching the dance of romance or a family's private squabble:

The coloring and poses of these spring migrants encouraged me to have a little fun with them, applying some magic Photoshop paint. (And note the insect wing hanging from the bill--this boy needed a napkin--or a reminder to chew with his bill closed):

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  1. Great photos, and a lovely bird. I used to love listening to them in the spring when I lived it their area!


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