Friday, April 11, 2014

The Longest Bill and the Biggest Pile of Horse Sh*t

“Wow—look at you!”

“You know, you were my Dad’s favorite bird.”

“Yes, I’m talking to you.  Look at you looking at me.  You look just like a Greyhound dog, all elegant-faced and friendly and long-legged.”

“Now you are acting like a Greyhound—walking over all friendly like.”

“Yes I see that incredibly long bill of yours and beautiful prance.”

“Wait!  Don’t turn away, I didn’t mean to offend you with the long bill comment.  I guess you are kind of sensitive about it.  Wait, WAIT!  Watch where you are going!  Look up!  Don’t walk with your head down!—you're about to step into a really big pile of Horse Sh*t!”

Where else but Texas could a birder photograph a beautiful Long-billed Curlew in front of a really big pile of horse manure!


  1. It is such a pleasure to see photos of this elegant bird! I like you comparisons to the lovely greyhounds!

    You can keep the horse pile!

  2. LOL

    Have you changed your mind about getting back on the road?

  3. Hey, don't mess with Texas!! : )
    Your bird photographs are really remarkable . . . interesting even to this non-birder. I would never have known what that bird is called . . . and now I do!


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