Friday, April 18, 2014

The Cerulean

The word cerulean, standing on its own, is not a part of this Texan’s vocabulary.  I’ve always thought “The Cerulean” would be a great title for a western movie, or perhaps an epic novel. 

Those of us long-term Joni Mitchell listeners have spent many an hour with “Blue” and its introspective melodies.  But I’m guessing Joni Mitchell, the gifted painter, has spent much more time with the Cerulean Blue pigment.
Cerulean Blue is considered particularly valuable for artistic paintings because of its “purity of blue”, especially when an outdoor scene includes sky.

I’m especially pleased with each springtime sighting of a Cerulean Warbler.  In terms of a western theme, Texas is as far west as this beautiful warbler is “nominally” sighted, and then only as a migrant, headed for its summer nesting grounds in Northeastern U.S.

In terms of color, I find the Cerulean Warbler’s blue to be an elegant understatement of the natural blue’s of Mother Nature’s palette.

Like so many warblers, this Cerulean was difficult to photograph.  Sitting still for my photo shoot was not on this handsome male’s agenda for the day:


  1. Okay, miss birder, photographer, etc... you've officially made me jealous! I haven't seen a cerulean warbler for 15 years!


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