Friday, April 25, 2014

Residents Among the Migrants

The wonderful outdoor weather has slowed my progress in developing spring migrant photos.  

And each time I try to focus on photos of my migrant sightings, I’m drawn to the photos of the Gulf-Coastie residents that share their habitat with the springtime migrants.  I thought I’d share a few today.  Tomorrow, some migrants!

Some folk might think the Red-eyed Vireo is a plain-looking hyperactive bird, difficult to sit still for the camera:

But when you catch that beautiful red eye, shining brightly in the dappled light, you catch your breath at its beauty:

Whoever named the Black-necked Stilt kind of missed the point.  These hot-pink-long-legged beauties walk about as if they were wearing platform high heels:

I’ve never shot a stellar photo of a Black-and-white Warbler.  But that’s OK.  I love each sighting of these quiet wood warblers:

And then there is the Brown Thrasher.  These ground-lovers use their bills and wings to toss sand, dirt and water into the air, always reminding me of children in a sand box:

And then the thrasher will suddenly stop, look up and freeze, kind of like said children, as if asking:  “Are you watching me or those fly-away migrants?”

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