Thursday, November 14, 2013

Brazoria Birding, Burger & Beer

I spent a good bit of today birding the Brazoria National Wildlife Refuge.  Cool temps and sunny skies made for a picture perfect day in the field.  The day gifted me with some 11.0 GBs of photos to review, development or delete (the not so picture perfect ones).

A quick look at the small JPEGs (companions to the large RAW images I shoot) let me know that I’m going to have some fun developing these photos.  But not tonight; this gal is tired.  I’ll look forward to posting a series of photos in the coming days.  This refuge is the winter home to a diverse community of my feathered friends.  And today they were out and about.
With this quick post, I wanted to share one photo from today:  a Marsh Wren, the more introverted and reclusive cousin of the Carolina Wren.  Although not the best photo from today, I am pleased that this photo shows that I’m getting a bit better at grabbing focus within a complex setting:


Today was a really good one:  birding a lesser known wildlife refuge (and yes it does have “his and hers” flushing toilets); enjoying a Texas-sized fall day; and stopping for a favorite beer and burger on my way home. 
And if that wasn’t enough to say: Great Day!  How about this:  check out the comment I received from Jerry Liguori, author of “Hawks from Every Angle” regarding yesterday’s blog post “Smith Point Hawking”. 

And tomorrow?  More hawk photos to figure out!  (not to mention sparrows)

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