Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Perched and Ready

Yesterday was a picture perfect day at Brazos Bend State Park.  I’m not sure I sighted ten people all day.  The skies held sunshine, and just enough breeze to keep away the mosquitoes. 

I downloaded over 8GBs of photos this morning, and took a quick look at the small JPEG files that I always shoot as a “quick view” companion to each RAW image.  I’m kind of excited about some of the photos.  The small JPEGs tell me which RAW images are worthy of “darkroom” development.  I think I got a few worthy ones.

But today is all about errands.  A three day rain, starting tomorrow, is in the forecast:  rainy and warm; rainy and cool; rainy and cold (by Texas standards). I love rainy days, if I don’t have to travel in them. So today I will run errands, preparing me to enjoy three days at home, watching and listening to the rain and promised cold front.  I guess that’s why I’m a true Gulf Coastie:  give me magnificent old Live Oaks and slow rainy days.
And so before I’m out and about, I wanted to share these photos of hunter/gatherers of the sky. I caught them perched at Brazoria NWR.  Even perched, they are always on the ready.

The amazing Crested Caracara, similar to vultures, it mainly hunts for carrion:

The Red-tailed Hawk, perched but ready for flight:

The Turkey Vulture, an under-appreciated member of what I call the Cleanup Committee; if not for turkey and black vultures, our roads and fields would not be so clean:
And a White-tailed Kite, an old friend of mine that helped start my passion for birding:

I’m hoping to be perched at home the next few days, enjoying a steady rain, with photos to develop and stories to dream about.  And a cold front arriving, making way for a next day in the field.


  1. Very nice... You should have posted the water shot also as it was lovely. I'm not as fond of cold wet days but that's how our winter is here... Ready for some warm dry days to get out camping for a nice long weekend. Maybe after Thanksgiving. Susan

  2. Cool collection of raptor photographs!

  3. ok, now I will post my comment in the right place.

    It isn't everyone who can make a Turkey Vulture look good!

  4. Liked all four. Favorite is the Kite. RC


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