Saturday, November 23, 2013

When Feeling Kind of Blue

Two indoor days: rain followed by cold, followed by the drizzle and wet-cold that Gulf Coasties call miserable.  I love moderate doses of this weather, but extended indoor time does not suit me well.

This third day indoors, by early afternoon, I was feeling kind of blue:  


Thankfully, my outdoor nature began nudging me:

“Gear up! Get outdoors and go for your daily outdoor walk!”

And so I got up from the sofa, donned leggings and layers; added a water-resistant wind-breaker, and topped myself with my warmest funny-looking hat. I drove to a favored greenbelt.  The weekend crowds were missing.  Too miserable to be out, they’d say. 
Today it was mostly just me and Mother Nature raining down on my funny-looking hat.  My walk stretched into an hour and a half.  I crossed path with a few dogs that were out walking their humans.  The dogs were dancing and prancing and wagging their tails at me.  Their humans looked miserably cold, one actually throwing a sound-bite toward me:  “Wish I had your hat and layers!”  My best friendly response:  “That’s a beautiful dog!”  And on I walked.

I walked and walked and the drizzle dripped from my jacket and hat.  I’m a duck, I thought, and it has “Chanced to Rain” (a favorite book).  My thoughts focused on the path before me.  I couldn’t remember why I was feeling kind of blue.
Before I knew it, I was walking with a joyful step and a tune to keep me company.  You know the one; Kmart seems to have created a new twist for it.  But that’s OK, I found myself walking and singing to celebrate Mother Nature and Her ability to chase away my blues:


“La, La, La, La, Laaaa, La, La, La, LAAAAAA!!!!!

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  1. The shots of little blue brightened my day. RC


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