Saturday, November 30, 2013

The White Peacock

On this last day of November, I reflect on a wonderful Thanksgiving Day.  My family and closest friends know that some several years ago I created a new Thanksgiving tradition for myself:  come rain or shine, I spend Thanksgiving in the field, chasing birds and thanking Mother Nature. 

This year was especially wonderful as a sibling joined me. I shot some 13GBs of photos, and he, quite a few more.  But that story will develop, as I develop those photos.

Today I want to celebrate the coming of the December season by posting this photo of a White Peacock. I took this photo at the amazing National Butterfly Center in the Rio Grande Valley.  I think this image is a good representation of peacefulness.  And during a national season of busyness, a reminder to pause and chase after peacefulness can be a good thing. 

The White Peacock, at rest:

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