Sunday, November 10, 2013

The Heron's Matching Living Room

Have you ever attended a dinner party and noted that the hostess was smartly dressed to match the color scheme of her home?

Have you ever watched a White House interview of the First Lady, current or former, and noted that her outfit complemented the famously-named room that she graced?

The staccato of color; the blending of color; the popping of color:  the ongoing color-play of those that enjoy emphasizing its beauty.  I’m better at noting than creating.

A binocular view, while birding in the field, is about as good as it gets for me.  But it is the camera’s view, and photographic development afterward, that can surprise me with what I missed in the field.
And so I delighted in the digital development of this Tricolored Heron, gracefully walking through its living room at Anahuac NWR.  This Tricolored has an eye for color.  Literally. 

Note the Tricolored Heron’s eye, and the maroon-accented fall colors of the salt marsh reeds; a perfectly beautiful match, yes?

Mother Nature’s eye for color is always on display.  No dinner invitation required.  Go out and take a look. 

And during the fall season, deep in the coastal salt marsh, keep lookout for the Tricolored Heron. She and her living room seem ready to host an Aggie pre-game party.  Winter Texans are always welcome.

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